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Switch on the light

Eureka, we are heading towards brighter and longer days, and don’t we all need that now when Christmas is out of the way and the decs are packed away a long time ago. It might be the wrong time of the year to talk lights and lampshades since we are all waiting for that big lamp in the sky to brighten our days up, but I will give it a go anyway. I was flicking through a book about “Hygge” and it occurred to me how much we use lights in Scandinavian interior compared to a lot of other countries. I know it’s probably, to some extent, to do with our shorter days and maybe even colder climate. Light sources are so much more than a necessity for coping with darkness tough. The expert advice from interior designers (internationally and not just Scandinavian) is that you need 5-10 light sources in your rooms to make it homely, inviting, and functional (sounds quite a lot right), and you work with “layers” as in different heights and type of light. In the hygge-book that I was reading they mention the primal comfort of an open fire and how the “encircling glow of a pendant lamp hung low over a table with a group of people gathered around it” is a common sight in Scandinavia- its like the light seems to hold everyone together. Almost a bit philosophical. For me as home stager its very important to get it right with the lighting and in particular the lamp shades, even if the viewings very often happen at daytime and the lights never gets switched on it can still transform a room if used correctly. A “trendy” or iconic lamp is sometimes the most important thing in a room. I have come into many homes that, before I start working with them, only had a naked lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Not very exciting for anyone to see, and it certainly doesn’t do much for potential buyers. Very satisfying for us home stagers to work with since the difference can be absolutely massive with just the change of a lampshade, adding a floor lamp and placing a couple of nice table lamps in the window or on the desktop. A big favourite now is the Vertigo pendant light, best suited in a large open room where it definitely will make a statement. There is so much out there and if you want to change the look of a room, or update it, having a look at the light sources is a very good start, maybe think outside the box and go for something completely different to what you normally would get.

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