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If you have a small house, either to sell or just decorate, and want to create a feeling of MORE space you will find these Scandinavian tips especially useful. And as a bonus it will also look effortlessly stylish and cool.

A very common feature in Scandinavian interiors is painted white walls. Sometimes the whole decorating scheme is almost completely white – including the furnishings. This is because white creates the illusion of space, more than any other colour. It is a combination of all the colours of the visible spectrum, so it reflects the light.

The most common floor surface found in homes throughout Scandinavia is wood. Light coloured timbers such as oak or beech are especially popular. Sometimes they are painted white.

Wooden flooring tends to have a subtle glossy sheen which bounces light around the room. And this makes the floor space appear larger.

The Scandi style is a pared back look with clean lines. There are no fussy additions to furnishings and rooms are kept clutter free. of course, the less you put into a space, the larger it looks. As for household items and accessories required for day to day living. If they are not aesthetically pleasing, they are stored away out of sight.

Cushions, throws and rugs prevent this Scandinavian interior from looking too cold. They introduce warmth and colour but in addition also add interest and depth. So instead of a flat space,you will get a room with different dimensions.

It’s easy to find throws, baskets, and other gorgeous Scandinavian things online here in the UK but, as always, shop locally if you can.

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